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Version Unicorn is LIVE!

The path was rough and bumpy, and the Save-lord was powerful and fought strongly against us, but we pushed onward. ONWARD TO UNICORNS!


The update is Live on Steam and should be up on the Humble page shortly!

Here is the Change Log:

  • Added Save and Resume! Exiting the game will save your current progress. Reset will start the game over. (We tried to test this thoroughly,but let us know if it doesn’t work for you)
  • Added Highscore access to the Options menu
  • Added Achievements to the Steam version!
  • Added new textures to the dungeon that change as you go deeper!
  • Moved Mode switching to the main menu  
  • Fixed some secret things
  • Nerfed Floating Eyes slightly
  • Made Reaper’s more scary

And here’s a highlight video of us playing the latest build:

(sorry for all the loudness, we got excited)

We’ll be hard at work adding Pets and Classes now, and we’ll try and stream development frequently! We are REALLY excited about putting in the classes etc. We can’t wait to play it that way!!

If you aren’t already, you really should Follow us on Twitter, or Facebook, or something.. We’ve got a lot that’s going to happen… once LoD gets it’s final update, a whole new game is coming!

Lastly, for the next couple of days Legend of Dungeon+ soundtrack is in the Humble Weekly Bundle, along with some other really great games! It’s a great chance to get your friends to try Legend of Dungeon, and to get the soundtrack too (since it’s the game tracks as they were composed..without the procedural generation) Go forth into BUNDLEMANIA!

Thanks for the support and enthusiasm everyone, that alone makes developing games so very very worth it! 

Upsilon Circuit

We’ve finally unveiled our secret project to the world.

Upsilon Circuit is a single server, persistent world, online action RPG, with a limit of 8 players. Players adventure in a massive dungeon maze where they fight monsters, collect ‘Dream Tech Fragments’, and unravel a mysterious story.

Each player broadcasts to a livestream audience, who bid to purchase weapons and items to help a player, or monsters and traps to hinder them. Experience points a player gets from the game are distributed to the audience, who then collectively assign the skill points.

When Players die, they may never get a chance to play again. A member of the audience is selected to fill the open slot and they begin their only adventure in the maze.

The idea for Upsilon Circuit came about while thinking about real permanence, rarity, and consequence in video games. We also had so much fun watching people play our other games that we decided to create a game that would be a lot of fun to watch. 

Upsilon Circuit is in very early development, but we’ll keep you posted on our progress. You can sign up to the newsletter at if you do that kind of thing. 

We are working with artist Erin “CobraMode” McClellan who collaborated with us on Zap’em Dino Cowboys in the VRJam; and once again with composer David Dirig who did the Legend of Dungeon soundtrack. 

Also, we’re working hard to finish up our Legend of Dungeon pet and player class expansions! More news about that soon too :D

April News Update, secrets and PAX!

From the depth and darkness of the dev cave, a small voice echos out: “We’ll be at PAX guys

We’ll be there roaming around this time, with RLK shirts on, so if you find us we’ve got a handful of Robot Loves Kitty pins and stickers to give out, and endless high fives! It would really make our day if people came and said hi, that’s why we want to lure you with goodies!


Alix is going to be talking in a panel on Friday telling our story about getting into the industry (and giving bad advice/cackling madly to herself). 

In other news: Legend of Dungeon Version Unicorn is nearly solid, and after PAX we’ll be pushing ourselves hard to get Pets and Classes in! so expect to see that fairly soon! it’s a lot to add in, but we’ll be working super hard at it.

And in other other news: We have a big secret project that you will all find out about really soon! We’ve been working on it for a few months, in between LoD stuff :D we’ve even livestreamed a bit of development for it, but whenever anyone asked us what it was, we LIED! 

it’s the reason we’ve been so quiet.. seeeeeecrets~

sentrysapper asked:

Is Neverdaunt ever coming back?

Yes. I think about that world every day. My walls are plastered with paintings of Neverdaunt. Neko and Zombies and blips and swords and Robots and tronics… I don’t know when, but Neverdaunt can never die, I promise.

Legend of Dungeon Version Unicorn beta!

It’s here (sort of)! Version Unicorn is available if you opt into the Beta on Steam, I’ll explain how to opt into it in just a moment!  But first, here is the change log:

  • Added Save on exit and Resume!   
       -exiting the game will now save your current progress. Reset will start a new game.
  • Added Highscores to the Options menu
  • Moved Mode switching to the main menu
  • Fixed some secret things
  • Added 16 Steam Achievements! like:
          -Never Gonna Give you up
          -Not a Fluke

These features are all in beta, and your feedback would be really wonderful, especially for Mac and Linux users. Everyone’s input is really important for making sure the game is behaving itself properly, so thank you for the help!

Here is how you opt into the beta: go to your Steam Library, Right-Click on LoD>Preferences>betas tab, and opt in from the drop down menu!

Happy playing everyone!

We made a version of the RLK Logo out of Lego :D

Kitty’s wizard school for indie game lovers!

  Welcome to Kitty’s wizard school for indie game lovers!

If you are reading this, that means you have an incredible power at your fingertips, one that can help shape the future of gaming..

*dramatic pause*


That might sound ridiculous I know, but it’s pretty true, and I’m here to show you how to harness this power to it’s fullest!

Come young wizard, don this novice robe of learning. 

(in all seriousness though, the basic idea is to spread the word, encourage others to spread the word, and follow all the social media you can to show support and stay informed. You can start to help by spreading this very post, goofy as it is!)



Follow the game and the devs, retweet their interesting posts, and tell your followers to be advocates too! Tweet about playing the game!

Facebook - Like the studio/game pages! Repost interesting posts, Post when something neat in game happens, show your friends how to be a wizard like you!

 YouTube and Twitch

Leave positive comments, tell your favorite Youtubers and streamers about the game, and if the dev streams, follow them too!

Tumblr - Follow the dev’s blog, reblog and spread the word about interesting posts.

Reddit - Upvote and comment in posts about the game, join the game subreddit, and make posts about it to gaming subreddits!

Talking - it’s not on the internet, but tell your friends about the game, or better yet show/play it with them! Then show them the ways of the wizard!


Add the game to your wishlist, if you have the game, write a review, and post content to the community hub.

Forums - Comment and keep threads you see about the game active, post threads on the game if you don’t see one, inspire others to be a wizard like you.

News - cool news about a game you like? Share it, and also take 30 seconds to write something you like about the article/game in the site’s comments! Supporting indie news sites supports all indie devs!

Kickstarter-  spread the word as much as possible, use your wizard powers!!

Steam Greenlight - If the game is on greenlight, Vote Yes! You should also favorite and follow them, and leave a comment, this tells Steam that they are extra important, and it helps your friends discover it too!

That’s about it, I think class is over! If you think I missed something, let me know and I’ll add it in!

Devs everywhere thank you!


While you’re at it, we could always use a little extra magic ourselves!

Twitter, Facebook, TwitchSteam!

daveyalpaca asked:

Hello there Robot and Kitty, I've been playing Legend of Dungeon for a good few hours now, and I've encountered some problems. But I'd doubt I could list my entire experience with the game, is it possible for players and fans to talk to you guys in a better, and much more free way other than here on Tumblr? Like a forum or something? Thank you in advance.

We actively monitor the Steam forums (I read your post there) and the Legend of Dungeon subreddit
If you’ve run into a bug, send me an email:

midnightinspacetown asked:

Hi! I loved seeing this game and just bought it, but when I'm trying to play the game I realized most of the environment is Black, so I cant see any of the beautiful things you've designed(like the tavern image flashes and then goes Black), I've tried looking in the bugs list, but I haven't seen anything, hope this isn't the wrong place to ask, or am I just being silly by doing something incorrectly. Any help would be wonderful!

First thing I would do is try updating your graphics drivers… might be that simple. If that doesn’t do it, try turning off bump mapping in the options. If you still have trouble, send me an email:

New Legend of Dungeon Update is Live!

In honor of the 1 year anniversary of our Kickstarter getting 650% funded, Version Tormenter is now live on steam, and should be on the humble download any time now!  

Since Legend of Dungeon’s release in September, we’ve been working on the features we promised you during the campaign, and a few features we wanted simply because we love you all and want the game to be the best it can be. 

This update brings you additional game modes: Impossible mode, Daily Dungeon, and Seeds(non random), a few more Dungeon tiles, 2 Hotkeys for your inventory(so redefine your controls!), and a help screen! 

You might also stumble across a bit of holiday cheer in your travels. 

We are working onthe Kickstarter stretch goals as well.. see! look at this pet! 

 Full Change Log: 

  •  Revised Menu Added Holiday Stuff! 
  • Added a help screen 
  • Added game modes: Impossible, Seed, and Daily Dungeon 
  • Added Dungeon tiles
  • Added Inventory Hotkeys 
  • Door use now gradually colors doors 
  • Added Enable\Disable 60fps Target framerate
  •  Fixed the Book of the Devil summon bug 
  • Improved switch hitbox (so its easier to hit with most weapons) 
  • Fixed monsters from the previous room making aggro noises 
  • Moved the first step for downward stairs Fixed a handful of colliders 

 May your deaths be swift and plentiful!

-Robot and Kitty 

P.S. Happy Zombiemass!