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Why all indie gamedevs should go to PAX!

Ahoy everyone! it’s Alix, your co-pilot speaking!

I was writing an email to a dev friend I just made (Peter, who’s making MiniMetro) explaining why PAX and similar events are important, and it felt right to share it here as well, especially with PAX being less than a week away. SO! I blog-afied it for you all!

(We’ll be in the Megabooth with Upsilon Circuit at booth #880, so come by if you’re there by the way!!)


If you’re not sure if you should go to PAX or other game events as a dev, DO IT!

Reason 1: The Dev on the Hill.

A lot of devs work in near isolation, and often without many peers, so it can get more lonely than you realize. There has been some movement in the “group workplace” area, but that’s mainly in the big Citys, and it’s usually fairly expensive. 

We’ve been making games for something like 8 years now, and up until about 9 months ago, we lived nowhere near any other game devs. Until a year and a half ago we knew very few other game devs at all. It all started changing when we took Legend of Dungeon to PAX East Last year. Even without focusing on the Dev aspect, just having a weekend surrounded by peers and enthusiasts is good for the soul, and helps remind you that you are not alone in your passions. 

Reason 2 :  You’ve got a friend in Dev

One of the wonderful things that happens at a lot of the events out there is new friendships with developers. I think fellow devs are the most wonderful thing to have in your life! I have gotten to meet many of my Online dev friends, and have made many more, at places like PAX, E3, and GDC (not the GDC actually, we were shy and clueless back in 2012).

It’s amazing having people I can turn to and share with, people that understand and care about many of the same things I care about..not to mention their counsel.  Knowing other devs has been life changing, and I know it has made me better at everything I do for videogames.  

Reason 3. The Power of Play

Showing your game to strangers is an AMAZING experience and I think you should do your best to show your games if you can afford it, and at least once for every game you make! Can’t afford a booth? Bring a laptop and flag people down!!

it’s hard to describe the sense of validation and ..heart glowyness(not the technical term, I’m sure) that comes from seeing people come up and play the thing you made! Suddenly all the emotions they are experiencing are yours.. you kind of share the feelings with them, the confusion, frustration, triumph, humor, sadness… whatever it is you put into your game, these people will feel it. it’s a powerful exchange and something I’m not really putting into words very well.  It’s a wonderful time to discover things about your game through other peoples eyes too.

Reason 4: Newsbreak Hotel

Meeting press is awesome too, putting faces to the articles they’ve written, or will write soon. thanking them is important to, they are our peers in many ways too, as well as our fans and friends. We have a handful of Journalists that we would definitely consider friends at this point, and I wish I was able to help them more than just the occasional tweet etc. Their opinions and feedback have been immeasurably helpful. 

The “marketing potential” of PAX isn’t something I’ll talk about here because that gets talked about plenty elsewhere.

That’s all for now! 

I’m keeping this short because PAX has us going nuts getting ready!

Is there something about PAX or other events that you think I missed pointing out, or something you want me to write more about?  Let me know in the comments, because my brain is mush from all this PAX prep!  

P.S. I have no idea why I themed the reasons as almost song titles.

Pax Teaser trailer for Upsilon Circuit

We’ve been going full steam ahead trying to get everything for the live demo ready for PAX! A lot goes into doing PAX: making press appointments, designing handouts,-having a working game-, press releases, etc. One of those things is this video!:

Did your eyes explode? no? Good! that means you can also see the first in game screenshot of our new art!

Everything is still not finalized, but it’s getting closer! (the characters were posed in unity, but it’s all game graphics)

We’ll be booth 880 at PAX, so drag all your friends there! We’re planning to do some neat crowd interaction to take advantage of our little gameshow Action-RPG having a live “studio” audience :D

Thanks as always for reading our blog!


Brian and I have been playing Legend of Dungeon together since we started dating and we finally returned with the treasure today and beat the game. Does not feel real. 🎉🐱😎 (at da dungeon)



Brian and I have been playing Legend of Dungeon together since we started dating and we finally returned with the treasure today and beat the game. Does not feel real. 🎉🐱😎 (at da dungeon)


scarcrows asked:

(LoD) So, uhm, sorry for the stupid question, but I can't play legend of Dungeon in the singleplayer modus. Theres always a second dude following me and it's super distracting. I can't figure out how to switch it off :c (I really live the game though, it's a lot of fun and the art style is perfect!)

XD thats kind-of hilarious. One of the other players is probably set to the same controls as the first. Try going into settings and binding all the other players keys to something you don’t use for player 1. If you’re still having trouble send me an email

normspups asked:

Hi, Me and my friend Declan used to play neverdaunt loads back in the day, and I was wondering (as i've recently acquired a new dedi server), whether you would consider allowing me to host the neverdaunt server while you complete your work on other games? I've missed playing the game, and i'd love to play it again. I'm afraid I have to ask aswell, when do you imagine your current game to be finished so neverdaunt can resume its developement? Thanks.

Unfortunately setting up a Neverdaunt:8Bit server is an extremely complicated task. It’s even restricted to using Windows servers and MSSQL. Beyond that, it requires a significant amount of maintenance to run, and would need a lot of work to change some of the hardcoded settings, like the connection to paypal.

We don’t know when Upsilon Circuit will be complete, and I don’t know when we’ll be able to start working on Neverdaunt.

The good news is, Legend of Dungeon has done well enough for us to have a real team of awesome people, so we can create more, quicker. We have so much we want to make! And Neverdaunt is near the top of that list.

The Results are IN

Coder-Dave will here forth be named - Brackets
This was the obvious winner, and the vast majority of you picked it. Almost no one liked Tony? And I guess we’re glad to not be confusing him with this.

Music-Dave will here forth be named - Doctor Octave (or just Octave for short)
It was pretty close for a while between this and Soundwave. His wife will be disappointed you guys didn’t pick “The Admiral”, she thought that was hilarious.

Daniel will be here forth named - Keyframe
Ok, I’ll be honest, we’ll still probably call him Daniel… Way, way too many of you voted for Dave, thanks for that. ಠ_ಠ

Here are the Results:

Kitty suggested both Brackets and Doc Octave, thus has become RLK’s official namer-o-things. If you need something named, bug her on the tweets: @KittyLovesRobot

Call Signs

We are super happy to add Daniel Branigan as an Animator, and David Carrigg as a Programer for Upsilon Circuit!

These guys, and everyone on the UC project, completely rock. But we have a small problem:

  • David Dirig - Music
  • David Carrigg - Programer

-__- how is this even a thing?

So… they need call signs so we don’t go crazy… but they can’t pick.. so that’s where you guys come in! You vote, we’ll name them!

diplomaticdingus asked:

you know what i think would be cool in LOD2? I think it would be awesome if it was more like an rpg than a dungeon crawler. stuff like villages and npcs and shops. and i think it would be cool if you could really customize your character. P.S. scarfs are cool.

LoD2 - scarfs confirmed

gabbsh asked:

You'll develop LOD2? what kind of new stuff you will add?

Motorcycle mounts.

gabbsh asked:

Have some old photos of LoD?, you know first things you have done.. (?

check the bottom of this page: