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Legend of Dungeon Guide/Tips

Default Controls:

Arrows = Move
Z = Jump
X = Use/Attack
A = Next
S = Previous
D = Drop 

F1 = Screenshot
Esc = Menu

We highly recommend using a gamepad to play Legend of Dungeon, gamepads are cool.

How to Play:

Each floor of the dungeon has one stairway leading up, and one leading down. Travel to the 26th floor of the Dungeon, find the Treasure, return to the Tavern.

Most of the items you find in the dungeon can be used by pressing the Use/Attack button. Often you will have to figure out what an item does by testing it out. Some items, like potions, are randomized each play through.

Melee weapons can be charged by holding down the Attack button, and swing on button release.

All items have a 
variety of stat effects, affecting everything from jump height to strength. Sometimes these effects are large enough that they are reflected in the items name.

You can wear hats on your head (but just holding them is enough to cause the stat effects to activate)

The online highscore is ranked by the amount of gold you have collected.

Player Stats:

Inventory - displays three of your inventory items, current item is center

Name - your playername

Heart - your Health (Max Health for your level)

Sword - Weapon Dmg + your Strength  (Max Strength for your level)

Shield - your Defence and Defence from items you hold and wear

Book - your XP / XP to next level

Gold - Points for the High Score


Careful not to just run slashing into each monster you meet. Time your attacks, keep your distance, and you wont get hurt.

Some monsters can effect your stats. Mummies will break your held and worn item’s defense, do not let them get a hit off!

Many monsters do not aggro from the back, and you can get a clean hit off before they see you. You can jump over some small monsters like Goblins and avoid their attack completely.

Some monsters are not worth fighting.

If it looks scary, it probably is, run away. Some of the bigger monsters are intended to be fought on your way back up, as you ascend with the treasure!

If you are fortunate enough to see a Wraith, Eye, or the Grim Reaper before it kills you, run away!

Dismembered Zombie Hands do no damage, but they will slow you down, and stop your jump, so other Monsters can get you. If a Zombie Hand is alone, that’s risk free XP (unless something comes at you out of the door)

If you can’t find the stairs down to the next level, you may need to locate a secret door to continue. Try pushing against door size blocks in the wall and see if they move. Once you’ve found a secret door, they start to be easier to identify.

Do not try new potions near lava, confusion can kill.

Sometimes speed is more important than armor or strength. Heading into a pitch dark room with only a lantern out means you need to dodge every attack.

And lastly, keep your inventory clean, throw out hats you don’t need and get rid of that basic sword once you find something good. But keep a sword around when you have a long range weapon, some only have a far attack range, and wont get those Zombie Hands off you.

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