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Alpha Minotaur

Update time once again!

It’s been awhile since the last update, and we are hugely thankful to all of you for being so patient and encouraging!

We were Greenlit!!!!! It’s still kind of a shock that we really got greenlit in the last large batch of games. So, now its just a matter of time before you’ll see a Steam Key appear for Legend of Dungeon on your Humble Store download page! We’ll keep you notified of progress.

ALPHA MINOTAUR (V2 - We put out a bug fix for it already…)
We really wanted to get ALL of our Kickstarter content into this update, but amazingly, there is sill more to come! You can get the new version by useing the Humble Store key resender here:

Here is the rather large change log, and a video update as well!

Updated the default controls ‘Previous’ = S ‘Drop’ = D
Added Wyld’s Tome of Vines
Added Cleaver
Added Filth Scepter
Added Crowbar (you know because we got Greenlit!)
Added Bunny Band
Added Kitsune Mask
Added Wolf Mask
Added Goblin Hat
Added Pirate Hat
Added Safari Hat
Added Sakkat
Added Zombie Hand Hat
Added the Bumble Lord Crown
Added New Potions: Illuminate, Darken, Stone Skin, Brittle Bones, and Slow
Added Danos Blade (levels up from a knife!)
Added Dragon Helm
Added the Sultans hat
Added the Sultans cup
Added Rogue hood (makes you sneak!)
Added Beam Visor
Added Giant Sword
Added Birthday Cake
Added Party Hat
Added the VirtualKid
Added the Pharaohs Khat
Added the Owlicopter  …yep
Added an Soul counter for ghosts
Ghosts now need more and more souls each time they die
Removed Item poof’s, they were buggy and didn’t add much
Trolls no longer have old swords.
Fixed the spraypaint acting as glue on a secret door
Monster death blow animation now completes (instead of them just bumping into you and death)
Crates now break from fire, lava, crushing
Optimized monster attacks
Fixed the Tavern Gold dupe bug
Nerfed the Pea Shooter, now shoots peas.
Kittens now spawn Ultra Wraiths, Ultra Wraiths have no XP.

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