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Legend of Dungeon is in BETA!

We made it! Legend of Dungeon is feature complete, we are in Beta.

To celebrate we’ll be doing a livestream of gameplay with some giveaways and stuff, it’s going to be at 9pm EST tonight, so come by, say hi, and tell everyone!!

This is the time where we need your support the most. Play the game, report bugs, suggest improvements for balancing, or anything else. We really would love to hear back from every single person about this build. Is everything awesome? shoot us an email to let us know (

Is some monster way OP for the level it starts on? Is some weapon uselessly under powered? We want to know. 

If you find a bug report it here:
or at least send me an email\tweet\whatever

Lets get Legend of Dungeon perfected.

Alright, that out of the way, here is the change log:

  • Doors you enter from will be lit from the back until you leave the room.
  • Improved Item response time (should be instant on release of attack!)
  • Improved the way player and item light stats work
  • Blacksmith Prices adjusted
  • Gave the Traveler proper text
  • Items flash a bit on the ground so you don’t miss them
  • Added Gambler NPC
  • Added Local Highscore!
  • Added “got treasure” * signifier to the scoreboard
  • Added Scoreboard sound effects
  • Added Real “Set Player Name” Menu- just click the playername to change it
  • Added Ghost
  • Added Blood Blob
  • Added Arasmas
  • Added Bazooka
  • Added Flame Thrower (and the ability to light stuff on fire!)
  • Added Code Hammer
  • Added Fire Sword
  • Added Gerbil
  • Added Flare Gun
  • Added Remote Control
  • Added the Pen
  • Added Penguin
  • Added new potion, you’ll know it when you find it
  • Added NPC not enough gold sound
  • Modified the stat readout to display def and str for each item and yourself
  • Doors now flash before a monster comes out
  • Soul Orbs time out
  • Made the kitten summon book very useful
  • Altered some defense balancing
  • fixed the Random Spawn book to be more dangerous to use
  • fixed Merchant death text
  • fixed jumping off secret door blocks
  • fixed the Vampire sometimes dying outside the room bug
  • fixed Kitten wear compression bug
  • Made some big balance changes to when monsters appear
  • Nerfed Blobs
  • Nerfed the Eye
  • Made the Grim Reaper worse instead.
  • The dungeon now refills with monsters after reaching the treasure… good luck!

It’s come a long way since our Kickstarter demo, where there were only a handful of monsters and weapons, crates didn’t break, and there was nothing like switches and secret doors, charging your weapon, NPC’s, effects from monsters, and so much more.

Thanks for all your support so far, and good luck dungeoneers!

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