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Upsilon Circuit

We’ve finally unveiled our secret project to the world.

Upsilon Circuit is a single server, persistent world, online action RPG, with a limit of 8 players. Players adventure in a massive dungeon maze where they fight monsters, collect ‘Dream Tech Fragments’, and unravel a mysterious story.

Each player broadcasts to a livestream audience, who bid to purchase weapons and items to help a player, or monsters and traps to hinder them. Experience points a player gets from the game are distributed to the audience, who then collectively assign the skill points.

When Players die, they may never get a chance to play again. A member of the audience is selected to fill the open slot and they begin their only adventure in the maze.

The idea for Upsilon Circuit came about while thinking about real permanence, rarity, and consequence in video games. We also had so much fun watching people play our other games that we decided to create a game that would be a lot of fun to watch. 

Upsilon Circuit is in very early development, but we’ll keep you posted on our progress. You can sign up to the newsletter at if you do that kind of thing. 

We are working with artist Erin “CobraMode” McClellan who collaborated with us on Zap’em Dino Cowboys in the VRJam; and once again with composer David Dirig who did the Legend of Dungeon soundtrack. 

Also, we’re working hard to finish up our Legend of Dungeon pet and player class expansions! More news about that soon too :D

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    I’m skeptical, I feel that the ability for people to buy gear or whatever means that succeeding in this game is mostly...
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    I look forward to hearing more about this one!
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    Fucking hell this is interesting all the stuff I’ve been thinking, talking and writing about
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    This is a super cool concept, I hope a good amount of people hear about this and participate.
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